Manzanillo, Colima

Manzanillo is one of the main tourist destinations in the Pacific Ocean’s coastline and the main one in Colima state. Since 1957, (a year in which over 300 Sailfish were caught in a single season) this port became internationally famous as the “Sailfish World’s Capital”, giving a notorious boost to its tournaments, especially the Dorsey Cup. Sport fishing, in addition to golf, scuba diving, extreme sports and other fun activities, drove the constant growing of its tourist services. Today, the wide selection of hotels, restaurants, bars, malls and entertainment centers is enough reason to bring great amusement to visitors.

Manzanillo is settled in the west region of Colima State, in the bay with the same name, facing the impressive Pacific Ocean. This is the capital of the municipality that goes by the same name, the largest municipality in the state, located a little less than 90 km from Colima City, capital city of the state.

The main tourist attractions of Manzanillo are all over the place, natural resources and beaches full of entertaining options. Some of the interesting sites are La Campana and El Chanal archeological zones; in Cuyutlan, beach at less than 30 minutes from Manzanillo, is the Museo de la Sal (Salt Museum), El Tortugario Ecological Center and Palo Verde Tideland. Other natural sites to visit are the Armeria River, Faro de Campos, Natura Camp, La Floreña Tropical Forest and El Salto Waterfall, among others. Its main beaches are: Santiago, Las Hadas, La Audiencia, Isla Navidad and other.