What to Do in Manzanillo, Colima

The Pacific Emerald welcomes tourists with open arms, sure to make use of all the sites and activities that are offered. Beaches are the most important attractions, but are not just the only thing; there are several places where extreme sports challenge the most experimented ones and where all competitions open their paths towards the fun.


Some of the golf courses that Manzanillo offers have special characteristics such as having 27 holes and it’s considered to be one of the 100 best courses in the world. Golf enthusiasts hit the ball within this modern spaces surrounded by the beauty of the environment.

Sport Fishing

The story tells that during 1957, 336 sail fish were caught in Manzanillo bay. Ever since, the place has been known as “The World’s Sail Fish Capital”, although few years before, since 1954 it became the venue for the Dorsey International Tournament, signing up more than 8 thousand fishermen from all over the world in some of its editions. During February and November are the most important tournaments, although pretty much all year long people from all ages participate, organized by the Manzanillo’s Fishing Sport Club, A.C.

Visitors without experience can also rent a boat with all the necessary services, with the minimum and precise instructions, to have fun. Expert personnel are willing to escort whoever requests them to for the adventure. There are instructors with years of experience on fishing and assistants that set up everything for the activity, in fact at some restaurants your catch can be cooked.

At the dock there is a fleet with more than a hundred boats available that adorn the horizon. The most precious species for fishing are: Sail Fish, Dorado, Marlin or tuna, some almost 4 meters long. Most of the fish caught are released back to the ocean. To go out fishing it’s necessary to have a medium size boat that can be rented right there, this offers all the instruments for fishing, radios VHF, life savers and bathrooms, even some boats offer cabin service, meals and cold beverages. Everything needed to go around a minimum distance of 10 miles off the coast and have fun catching fish.

Scuba Diving

Manzanillo offers the marine richness that the Pacific Ocean has in its depth, ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling. There are just as many sites to scuba dive as the size of the ocean, sites named on fancy ways but distinguished by the guides and professionals, for visitors to tour according to their experience and interests.

In the deep sea, scuba divers can appreciate closely the impressive rocky and coral formations, also moving on the water near the gigantic stingrays and multicolor fish. Pretty much is recommendable to adventure on every single beach: Las Hadas, La Audiencia, El Arrecife, El Carrizal, La Roca del Elefante and Los Frailes are some of the recommended sites.


Manzanillo has ideal waters to practice kayaking; a great example is the Marabasco River in El Centinela Cooperative, and Isla Navidad where there is crocodile community.


It’s common to see surf enthusiasts practicing this activity in the waters of Boca de Pascuales beach, in Tecoman. This beach is unique in its kind in Mexico, featured by its volcano-origin black sand; besides, the tourist will be able to enjoy exquisite fresh seafood in the beachside food stands. On the other hand, in Cuyutlan Beach, at 20 minutes from Manzanillo, there is the famous “Green Wave”, a wave that reaches or passes a height of 6 meters, which occurs during summer months full of paraphernalia around it. At just 10 minutes from Cuyutlan is Paraiso Beach, another place for those who love surf and windsurf.

Extreme Sports

For those adrenaline rush lovers, Manzanillo offers the necessary resources to leave you satisfied. In natural Camp and La Floreña Tropical Forest, the tourist can practice mountain biking, hiking, rappel activities at a cliff of 12 meters high.

For those who are ATV enthusiasts, the finish line is at El Indio Ranch, after three hours of touring on an ATV in the company of a bilingual expert guide. The exiting tour gets through La Vaca Mountain and Peña Blanca Beach in the search of the attractions of Los Cayacos Forest.